5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Tailgating Party

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5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Tailgating Party

Game season is upon us, and that means it’s time for one of the best parts of being a sports fans: tailgating parties. Throwing a great tailgating party is more than just dragging a few beer coolers together in the middle of a parking lot. Here are five tips for planning the perfect tailgating party.


Go Big on Tailgating Party Presentation

If there’s any one thing you can do to make your tailgating party perfect, it’s to plan big on presentation. What sets a tailgating party apart from any other gathering is the spirit of the game. All the little accents such as team mascot branded items, football-shaped serving platters, player numbers as placemats, and others, all create a big impact.


Simple Is Great When It Comes to Food

While it’s a lot of fun to come up with elaborate meals, remember that tailgating is generally meant to be fast, easy finger food that is perfect for munching on right before you watch the game, or right after. That doesn’t mean you can’t have great food – spring for quality items that are easy to eat, such as marinated olives and sweets from the local bakery.


Keep Your Perfect Tailgating Party on Theme 

Want to really go out for the perfect tailgating party? Keep every single thing on theme. Go all out on team colors. Dye the food, hang up banners, decorate the car and the cooler, and even get Fido in on the action with NFL team doggie apparel. Are you just at the party for the food and wine? Declare your allegiance and still stay on theme with this “Wine Makes Football More Interesting” shirt. Half the fun is seeing how many details the guests can find, when everything is themed for the game.


Stay Organized for a Win

If there’s anything that party planners know, it’s that a great event is made even better when the behind-the-scenes plays are going off without a hitch. Just like your team has to have a detailed plan, so do you. Be sure to have check lists for the supplies you’ll need, the ingredients that will need to be carried to the party site, what you’ll need to keep drinks warm or cold, team gear that you’ll want to wear or use for festive spirit, and more. Whatever you may want to remember, divide it into smaller check lists to make it easier to accomplish everything.


Customize Your Tailgating Party

Finally, one way to make your tailgating party stand out is to go totally custom. Matching shirts, tote bags for the grilling equipment, or other items, and the party will instantly have an air of festive community. You can celebrate your team, wear your favorite chant, or make up your own fan club name. Check out our customization options for a great tailgating party that you’ll never forget. We offer customization on a wide range of products, and can also create custom items such as polo shirts. Get in touch with us to create your perfect custom piece for your next tailgating party.


Unleash Your Spirit This Year 

With these five tips, your tailgating party can’t help but be a huge success. When you know that you’re hanging out with friends, having great food, and celebrating your favorite team with all the little details, you simply can’t help but have a great time. These details can help make it even better, and it doesn’t add much prep time to your party planning process. Get ready to release your spirit this game season!

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