5 Ways to Thank Your Wedding Party

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5 Ways to Thank Your Wedding Party

Giving gifts to your bridesmaids and groomsmen is a time-honored tradition. It says that you appreciated their help in planning and pulling off your wedding, and it’s something that many brides and grooms spend hours agonizing over. The usual fare for wedding party gifts – things like flasks, simple jewelry, candles, and pocket watches – can work for the right crowd. But what if you and your friends don’t fit the usual mold? Here are some ways that you can thank your wedding party, with or without gifts.

Treat Them to an Experience

Instead of buying gifts at all, consider treating the entire wedding party to an experience they’ll never forget. The trick is to not make this experience all about your wedding – then it’s not really a gift for them, but an extension of your big day. Talk to your bridesmaids about ditching the usual bachelorette party, and having a girls’ weekend to a fabulous location you’ve all been dying to visit. Treat your groomsmen to an upcoming concert, car show, or sporting event. If you can’t get rid of the feeling that you ought to give them a little keepsake, combine the experience with something silly and fun, like a pair of creative socks, or matching sports t-shirts, that’ll let them remember the great time they had.

Commemorate Their Special Look

Your wedding party typically goes to great lengths to dress up and look their best on your wedding day, but the pictures they’ll have are either in a group, or taken with a cell phone. Why not have your wedding photographer do a single portrait of each wedding party member in their special look, to give them something uniquely personal? For some of your wedding party members, this may be one of the few professional portraits they’ll have taken until (or since) their own wedding.

Combine DIY with a Simple Gift

Many brides have set their hearts on having a DIY wedding, complete with totally handmade wedding party gifts. While this can be a lot of fun for the right bride, it can also be a disaster. As the big day gets nearer, the stress of crafting so many gifts can become overwhelming. Instead, try doing a simpler DIY project in bulk, such as crafting your own signature tea blend, and combining it with a special mug for each of your wedding party members.

Go Traditional – with One Extra Surprise

Sometimes, it’s okay to go traditional. The engraved flasks, the simple jewelry, and the other classic gifts that are frequently given to bridesmaids and groomsmen are classic for a reason. They commemorate a happy occasion with an item that is, typically, both luxurious and useful. But if you’re going to go with this option, it’s a good idea to add an extra surprise to make the gift personal. Handwrite a letter of thanks to each member of the wedding party, and tuck it into their gift box or bag before they open it. Just this small touch can make such a huge difference when giving a traditional wedding party gift.

Get Rid of Gift Anxiety

With everything that you have to do when planning a wedding, you shouldn’t have to spend your time worrying over choosing the perfect gift for your wedding party. However, everyone wants to thank the people that helped them pull off their special day. These four gift ideas can be applied to almost every style, personality, and wedding, making it easy for you to find the right way to say thank you for witnessing and supporting your new life together.

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