Cold-Weather Lunches That Aren’t Soup

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Cold-Weather Lunches That Aren’t Soup

Ever since we added the Stanley Adventure Vacuum Bottle and Adventure Vacuum Food Jar to the store, we’ve been thinking about those cold-weather lunches that are so perfect for the winter months. The problem for most people is that a thermos is forever linked to soups or chili in their mind, and those start to get old fast. We’re here to share some of our favorite ways to use the Food Jar or the Bottle to get a satisfying lunch that will warm you up and tantalize your taste buds.


  1. Meatball Subs

Sandwiches isn’t usually something that you want when it gets cold out, probably because you’re used to cold cuts. But consider making your favorite marinara-smothered meatballs, and filling up your Food Jar with just enough for a comforting sub. It will keep your meatballs warm for up to 12 hours. At lunch time, all you have to do is scoop them out onto a hoagie and you’ve got an instantly satisfying meal. Don’t forget the cheese!


  1. Mac ‘N Cheese

When you’ve been working hard and long, sometimes you just need a comforting bowl of carbs to boost your energy. There’s not much that says comfort quite like macaroni and cheese. You can go fancy and make your own from scratch with your favorite pasta and cheese, or use the classic blue box to get your fix. Toss in some veggies if you want to add some nutrients to your meal, or enjoy a big steaming portion of unaltered pasta and cheese. You can even make a big pot and freeze it so that you always have some ready to portion out, heat up, and take along in your Food Jar.


  1. Nachos

What’s that you say? Nachos aren’t a cold-weather food? Think again! Fill your thermos or Food Jar with piping hot beans, meat, and cheese, and keep it warm till lunch time. Then pull out a bag of chips and you have lunch! You can also pack some toppings in a separate container if you want – a little sour cream never hurts. Try lettuce, chopped tomatoes, salsa, or guacamole as well. If eating with your hands is a no-go, simply crush the chips into the bean mixture and eat with a utensil.


  1. Chicken Pot Pie...sort of

Layer mashed potatoes, veggies, left over chicken, and gravy in your thermos or Food Jar, and bring along a few biscuits for lunch time. It may not be exactly like pot pie, but it’s darn close, and it will fill you up for hours to come. By keeping the bread separate, you won’t be facing a sad, soggy mess when lunch time rolls around.


  1. “Kiddie” Food

Sometimes even grown-ups just want to dig into a bowl of Spaghetti-Os, or a big plate of chicken nuggets. You can do that with your thermos or Food Jar! Heat up some nuggets or some pizza rolls, and pack the Food Jar full for your own fast food meal. The thermos can hold Spaghetti-Os, Ramen noodles, and more. Get a little nostalgic with your lunch once in a while; we promise not to tell!

With five more options for cold-weather lunches that aren’t soup, you’re sure to find something that will fill you up and keep you warm all winter. You don’t need to have access to a microwave at work for any of these meals to be great, and you can easily pare your lunch box down to your thermos and possibly a baggie of extra ingredients. Enjoy your lunch again this winter.


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