How To Write a Great Birthday Card Message

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How To Write a Great Birthday Card Message

Are you a great gift giver, but struggle to find the words to put in the birthday card? Sometimes it’s hard to find the balance between a sincere birthday wish, and something that’s just too corny. If you and your friends or family have a unique sense of humor, or the gift is for an acquaintance, what do you write that’s better than “Happy Birthday”, but not overly flowery? Or maybe you do want flowery, but you just don’t have a way with words? Here are some suggestions.

Coworkers and Acquaintances

Writing a message in the shared birthday card for a coworker doesn’t have to be harder than a simple “Hope you have a lovely day!” The important part is that you were a part of the group effort. But for acquaintances, or coworkers where there isn’t a large crowd to cover for your generic birthday wish, here are some other things you could say: 

  • Warmest wishes on your birthday!
  • Wishing you happiness all year long!
  • Thinking of you on your special day. Happy Birthday!

Just a simple line will do for those people that you value, but don’t know well enough to write a personalized message to. This type of birthday message is the equivalent of giving a coworker a fun and useful gift for their desk, such as a cup warmer, or a USB port hub – something that everyone can appreciate and use.

Good Friends and Family

When it comes to people that you know well, the birthday card is a good place to jot down a few sentences expressing how much you appreciate having that person in your life. Your message could be anything, from a letter written in a sarcastic sense of humor that only your bestie would understand, to a heartfelt note thanking your mother for raising you so well.

But you don’t have to make it complicated if you aren’t good with words. A simple, but personal, sentence such as “Happy birthday to the best friend a girl could ask for!”, or “Happy birthday, Dad! Thanks for always being in my life” are perfect ways to sign a birthday card for friends and family. These types of birthday card messages are the equivalent of giving someone a personal gift that you know suits their style, like a new poster for their room, or a t-shirt that celebrates their interests.

Romantic Partners 

When it comes to your romantic partner, birthday card messages need to be something special. Just signing your name won’t do, but you don’t need to be a poet. Take some time to think about what you would say to this person out loud to express your feelings, and then write them down in the card. This could be a list of all the reasons you’re grateful to be with them, a memory of the first time you realized you loved them, or a few wishes for your future together.

This type of message takes more thought and care than any other type. It’s the birthday card equivalent to choosing jewelry or high-quality wish list items, like a luxurious leather bag.

Sincerity Counts

Even if you can’t find the right words, being sincere with what you do write is the best way to wish someone a happy birthday. If you truly want them to have a great day, that intent will shine through, even with a basic “Happy Birthday!” Next time you find yourself at a loss for words when facing a birthday card, use these tips to create the perfect message for anyone on your gift list.

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