Last Minute Gifts for Teens

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Last Minute Gifts for Teens

Is there any group on the planet harder to buy a gift for than teenagers? Gone are the go-to options that fit younger kids, like toys, but they’re not quite ready for the “boring” gifts that adults tend to love, like useful household gadgets. If you’re scrambling for a last minute gift for the teen in your life, it can be even harder to find something appropriate that they’ll love. Here are a few of our favorite ideas.


Techie Gifts

You can’t go wrong with cute tech gifts for teens. There are many small things that are easy to grab at the last second, and work perfectly for just about any teen, regardless of their personal style or tastes. The Selfieme Selfie Bluetooth Remote Control, for example, is a great gift for teens who love to use their phones for pictures with their friends, or just to post their favorite selfies on their Facebook profile. Tech-savvy teens who often carry or use more than one device will probably find a USB port hub, like this one, to be both useful and cool.


Phone Gifts 

While this could fall under the “tech” category, our cell phones are almost more like extensions of our own bodies these days. For the teen who is fully connected, a new iPhone case is a great gift. Having a backup case is always a relief, especially for someone who has experienced the heartbreak of a cracked screen.

Phone wallets, external batteries, wide angle lenses for the cell phone camera, or even a new pair of high-quality ear buds are all great gifts for the teen that loves their cell phone. You can personalize this gift by looking for something that suits their personality – give the music lover the ear buds, while the gamer would probably love the external battery so they never lose charge.


Room Décor

If there’s anything teens usually love more than their tech, it’s their own space. A teenager’s room is their temple, their place where they can be themselves completely. If you know their likes and tastes, it can be very easy to pick up something to brighten up their room. 

The Smillow line from Scentco is a fun gift for teens who love the kawaii anime culture. The Jelly Donut pillow actually smells like a jelly donut, and is a cute friend to cuddle as well. These pillows also come in a cupcake, a blackberry, a s’more, and a pineapple.

Posters of their favorite band, cozy blankets in their favorite color, or other items to place in their room can also be a hit with teens. What about a cool desk lamp with a twist? Check out our lighting options, which include a Batman or Superman silhouette light, a Rubik’s cube light, a Pac-Man ghost light, or a cool Tetris desk lamp that can be rearranged in new formations just like the game!


When All Else Fails, Gift Cards Are King

If you’ve run out of ideas for your teenager, and you need something right away, you can always turn to the trusty gift card. iTunes cards, gift cards to Amazon, or gift cards to the local game store are popular choices. It may not feel personal enough to you, but don’t forget that teens love to choose their own items to reflect their current interests, and don’t often get the opportunity to do that. You may just be giving the teenager in your life the gift they want most! Combine a gift card with one of the simple gift ideas above for the ultimate last-minute gift that any teen would love.

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