Planning Your Custom Fall Wedding

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Planning Your Custom Fall Wedding

Spring used to be the go-to season for weddings, but fall is making waves as the trendiest time for nuptials in the recent past. It could be the beautiful, rich hues of the season, the cozy romance that is evoked by autumn, or the exciting promise of new beginnings that many people associate with fall. Whatever your reason may be, your fall wedding can perfectly balance romance, coziness, richness, and fun! Let your personality shine through with a custom fall wedding that is unlike anything you’ve seen on Pinterest. Here are some ways to customize your big day so that your fall wedding is the unique event that you’ve always wanted to remember forever.

Get in the Spirit Before the Wedding

Weddings aren’t just one main event – they are made up of many pre-events as well. From the bridal shower to the bachelor and bachelorette parties, not to mention dress fittings, vendor interviews, and more, there are zillions of events that make up a wedding. Why not get into the spirit early with customized t-shirts? Order custom shirts for your wedding party, such as "Bride Tribe" and "Bride" raglan shirts for your bachelorette party and other events. 

Make Your Bridal Party’s Day With Custom Gifts 

Customized gifts are sometimes a tradition among wedding parties, and for good reason. They clearly tell someone that you’re grateful for their particular presence, and that no one else could take their place. But rather than give your bridal party something they may not use again very often – or something that is personalized to you, like wedding themed jewelry – why not try finding something they’ll love as a reminder of the great time they had with you? Custom hoodies, baseball caps, tumblers, bandanas, and more are all available right here at

Keep Yourself Organized With a Custom Tote 

With all that vendor information, scheduling, and planning to keep up with, you’ve got to have a place to keep all your information about the wedding. You could get a boring old briefcase, or dig out an old purse, but why? Have a custom keepsake tote bag made to act as your “go-to” wedding tote. This will be a fun way to keep all your wedding supplies in one place that reminds you of just how great your big day will be. Another fun idea is to have the tote bag monogrammed with what your initials will be after the wedding, as a reminder to yourself of what is to come. 

Turn Your Wedding into a Fall Fairytale

Here’s a fun idea for a fall bride: Have you ever envisioned yourself as a princess riding into your wedding on a snow white horse? Many little girls have a similar vision, but few ever get to experience it. With the fall colors framing you, consider how majestic you could appear riding off together on horseback. At, we offer customized equine gear that will give you a unique keepsake no one else will ever have. This is just one great example of how customized wedding accessories can turn a dream into an even better reality.

Give these customized wedding ideas a shot for your cozy fall wedding this year, and you’ll have a slew of tiny details to look back on that will always remind you of just how special the start of your new life together truly was. Plus, no one will ever forget your uniquely beautiful fall wedding!

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