Top 6 Things Campers Forget to Pack

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Top 6 Things Campers Forget to Pack

Going camping is usually a relaxing experience – except when you’re packing. Trying to remember everything you need for a weekend in the wilderness, and trying to fit it all in your pack or your car, can be a whirlwind of stress. Even if you’re a seasoned camper with a bug-out bag ready to go, you can still discover that you’ve forgotten some small but useful item when you arrive. To avoid that, here’s a handy checklist of the most commonly forgotten items that campers can check before they leave:

  1. Batteries

 If you’re bringing a flashlight, a radio, or any other battery-operated device, you can’t count on what’s already installed to last you forever. Having extra batteries tucked into a waterproof pocket ensures that your devices don’t end up being dead weight.

  1. Extra Totes

One of the things that campers with children often need is a few extra tote bags for carting interesting finds on hikes, containing shoes or swimming gear, or as a plastic-free way to contain trash. Grab a few spare totes and keep them in your camping kit; you’d be surprised how many uses you’ll find for them around camp!

  1. Wet Wipes

Just like extra tote bags, it’s impossible to list all the ways that wet wipes are useful while camping. From cleaning your child’s face and hands, to wiping down the food prep area or getting rid of the day’s dust from your own body, these are great to have in your pack. They are particularly handy because they allow you to clean hands or food prep stations without needing to carry extra water for these tasks. 

  1. Extra Canteens

Even if you’re bringing in all your water, and you plan to drink from bottles, having a spare canteen or two is a great idea. For starters, canteens like the Stanley Adventure Canteen are insulated, so your morning coffee will stay piping hot while you take in the sunrise. They are also great for keeping water cool without ice while you hike, fish, or simply hang out at the campsite. And if you carry an accompanying Adventure Food Jar, you’ll also have a great way to keep your food from spilling while you enjoy it.

  1. Duct Tape 

It’s a bit of a cliché, but duct tape truly is a lifesaver in tons of situations. If your tent gets a rip, you damage your best pair of shoes, or you need a way to keep a container sealed tightly, duct tape is your answer. It’s lightweight and infinitely useful, so be sure to carry a roll whenever you head out.

  1. Bottle or Can Openers 

Packing food for your camp out is usually something that no one forgets to do. But you’d be surprised how often campers get to the camp site and realize that the cozy meal they had planned is going to be much less filling because they can’t open the cans or bottles! A can opener should be an essential part of your camping gear. If you’ll be bringing wine, beer, or other alcoholic beverages, be sure you have a bottle opener as well – nothing is worse than a stubborn cork stopping you from your favorite relaxing drink.

Preparation Is the Key

There are other things that you’ll always want to bring with you, of course. Ice, toilet paper, fuel, wood, and other items should never be forgotten. But these six items are the ones that many campers don’t even realize they need till they get there. Keep this checklist in mind the next time you plan a weekend away, and you’ll have a totally stress-free camping experience without any snags!

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