Treat Yo’ Self to Beat Holiday Anxiety

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Treat Yo’ Self to Beat Holiday Anxiety

It seems like the holidays start sooner every year, and this is especially true for those with large families, or a lot of important friends. The more gatherings you must attend, gifts you must find, and the more anxiety you may experience. With the days getting shorter and darker for those in certain parts of the world, and the hustle and bustle of the season bearing down, it’s essential to stop and take some time just for yourself during the build-up.

Aromatherapy and Anxiety

One natural way to ease anxiety is to use aromatherapy in your home. Most of the time, smells like lavender or chamomile are recommended for soothing purposes, but you don’t have to stick to the classics. Any smell that makes you feel happy, content, and comfortable is a great aromatherapy tool.

Maybe the bright, fruity scent of a Pineapple Smillow would cheer you up after a long day of holiday errands; or, you could prefer to be reminded of relaxing camp out adventures with the Smores Smillow instead. If decorative pillows aren’t your style, consider an aromatherapy pendant to carry with you, so that you’re never without relaxation.

Pineapple Smillow

Connecting with a Friend, One-on-One

It’s an interesting phenomenon that the holiday season can actually make us feel more isolated than ever before. In the rush to connect with everyone, we often end up connecting with no one. To help you get past these feelings of loneliness and anxiety, it’s a great idea to invite a friend for some quiet one-on-one time. Avoiding the holiday crowds means you may need to get creative with an at-home meeting.

Make the day special with some quality hot cocoa in matching mugs, and catch up on each other’s lives while you sip the anxiety away. If you’re ready to pamper yourselves, throw a classic spa day, complete with facials, cucumber slices, pedicures, and some funny socks to remember the day. It doesn’t take much to make this time special, and you’ll both feel more relaxed and refreshed when you’re through.

Do Something Luxurious

If you can’t spoil yourself during the holidays, when can you? Now is the time to have a decadent breakfast in bed, followed by a lazy morning of reading a book, binge-watching a new Netflix show, or enjoying a hobby that gets pushed aside too often.

Now is also a great time to make your space more luxurious as well. When you’re surrounded by things you love, you’re more likely to feel less stress and anxiety. Consider changing up your wall décor with a beautiful new canvas print, or giving your front door a welcoming touch with a Custom Last Name Front Door Decal.

You may think it’s odd to start on interior decorating projects now, but forcing yourself to take up your own time means that you’ll have to better prioritize what events you attend outside the home. The simple act of reclaiming your time and cutting out some things can make you feel much less anxious (and you also get to check another thing off your long-term to-do list!)

Banish Anxiety This Year

The holidays shouldn’t be ruined by panicked, anxious days and nights. If treating yourself to some luxurious “you” time, to a quiet day with a friend, or to some relaxing aromatherapy doesn’t help, don’t forget that you can always ditch the stress altogether by doing your holiday shopping online. Avoiding those packed stores and highways means that you won’t have to spend your precious time waiting, or fighting for space.

Check out the rest of our unique gifts to make your holiday shopping experience even less stressful and banish anxiety for good this year.

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