Turning Everyday Moments into Little Luxuries

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Turning Everyday Moments into Little Luxuries

When we think of the word “luxury”, many of us immediately think of pricey designer items and big, expensive houses. But the truth is that luxury can be more about the feeling of being pampered within a moment, than it is about the label on the items you are using. While some might be skeptical at the idea of indulging in a little luxury in your everyday moments, give it a try and see if you don’t feel just a little bit spoiled.


Stepping Away from the To-Do List

We all have a to-do list a mile long, and those lists usually extend to our homes as well. We leave work, arrive home, and simply exchange one set of tasks for another. But one of the simplest luxuries in the world is enjoying your home without being under the pressure of a to-do list.

Instead of checking items off a list that coincide with what you’re expected to do, allow yourself a weekend off to follow your own natural schedule. Want to enjoy an early breakfast in bed instead of sleeping in? Get yourself a special new mug and a few fresh flowers to make the moment special. 

Instead of going out to a club or a bar on Friday night, why not hike up to your favorite stargazing spot and enjoy the view? Bring a hoodie and a thermos full of hot chocolate to make the evening even more cozy.


Carve Out a Luxurious Space

Every spot in your home probably has a purpose, right? Cabinets hold dishes; closets hold clothes; the desk holds your mail, and your couch holds all the unfolded laundry. But in the midst of all this, it’s a great idea to create a space that is just for you to enjoy. Maybe it’s a small chair tucked into an odd corner, where you can sit with a book or a glass of wine and get a new perspective on life.

Add some pretty art and a scented candle to complete the space. You could match the candle to the art if you prefer – for example, try a beachy sandalwood candle to go with a beautiful image of the Maine coast. But another way to add some luxury to your life is to discover your own signature scent. Find a smell that makes you feel content, confident, and relaxed, and use it around your home.


Know When to Invest (and When Not To!)

There are some things that it pays to save up for. Quality skin care products, quality clothing items, and quality tools for your trade are all areas where buying the best you can afford is important. But you can easily create a feeling of luxury in your life without spending a lot of money on things like gym memberships, for example.

Instead of spending a lot to join the high-tech gym with all the fancy equipment, it’s more important to find a type of exercise that you truly enjoy, and to indulge in it often. If that means yoga and hiking, you can do these things easily without the gym. The feeling of luxury comes from allowing yourself to do only what makes you happiest.

This also applies to things like entertaining. Instead of investing in expensive silver or matched china, go on a treasure hunt for second-hand items that fit your personality, and enjoy the process of planning your party even without a big budget.

At the end of the day, luxury is always about what cultivates a feeling of being pampered for you. Try to slip some of these moments into your everyday life – you deserve it!

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