Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for the Coffee Fan

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Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for the Coffee Fan

The weather is already starting to cool down, so it’s time to start thinking about those Christmas gift lists. If you have a coffee fanatic on your list, you’ve probably already run the gamut on mugs, fancy beans, subscriptions, and other common coffee lover gifts. These unique gifts will still allow them to celebrate their favorite beverage, but you won’t worry that you’re giving them something they have ten of already. 

Coffee Decal

If someone is a real coffee lover, they love talking about it. Why not help them get the conversation going with a “But First, Coffee” vinyl decal for their office window, desk, car, or anywhere else where they might need to strike up a discussion about the wonders of coffee. You can choose a wide range of colors, so pick their favorite, or go with the classic cuppa’ Joe brown to really drive the message home. (Love this decal but don’t think a decal is right? Here’s a vacuum travel press for your coffee lover with the same design!)


Novelty Coffee

By now you’ve likely given this person expensive, fancy beans. You may have also done a variety of subscriptions and other types of coffee spoiling. This year, why not shake it up with something really unusual? Go in with a coffee that tastes like maple and bacon or some other strange flavor combination. This will likely get a good chuckle, and what do you know, many times you end up fostering a new fanatic.


Customized Mug

You’ve done mugs before, yes. But have you ever given your coffee lover a mug that can never be stolen from them? With our Customize It! tool, we can monogram Stanley coffee cups, standard mugs, standard travel mugs, and more. Choose the color, the font, and the style of the monogram to get it just right for your coffee lover. They’ll love toting this one to work, knowing it can’t be mistaken for anyone else’s mug on Monday morning.


Vacuum-Seal Coffee Saver

Here’s something that any lover of freshly ground beans will thank you for. If you can get as much air as possible out of a container when you seal fresh beans, they’ll stay delicious for far longer – an important fact for a real coffee lover. Vacuum seal coffee savers are a great way to give a useful gift that will really speak to their heart.


Grow Your Own Coffee Kit 

You’ve done subscriptions and fancy beans, but why not take it a step farther? Your coffee-loving gift recipient can actually grow their own beans to roast and grind. The plants don’t grow very fast, but it’s a fun experiment to really see where your coffee comes from. Keep it on a work desk to create a Zen area of living color, or keep it in a kitchen where the beans will be handy for harvesting.


Coffee Locket DIY

Are you a DIY gift giver? Here’s an interesting idea for a coffee fanatic: find a locket with a clear glass front, and fill the locket with small coffee beans. Leave just a bit of space at the top so the beans shift around a little during the day. Not only will this create a uniquely beautiful jewelry piece, it will also be very aromatic as the beans shift around.


Coffee Lover Christmas Gifts

Now that you have some ideas for unique Christmas gifts for coffee lovers, you can spoil everyone on your list who is addicted to java. Now is the perfect time to start shopping, before the holiday rush starts to bear down.


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