Warm Up with These 3 Twists on Your Favorite Autumn Drinks

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Warm Up with These 3 Twists on Your Favorite Autumn Drinks

With the weather changing in the northern hemisphere, thoughts are turning from poolside fun to cozy sweaters, and from cool mojitos to comforting mugs of cocoa, hot tea, or coffee. No matter what your favorite autumn drink may be, you’re probably ready to enjoy it again without breaking into a sweat at the thought. This year, instead of indulging until you’ve grown tired of the same old thing, why not try giving your go-to beverage a little twist?


Jazz Up the Recipe with Quality Ingredients

The best way to take your favorite tea or cocoa from classic to amazing is by using the best ingredients you can when making it. Try using real chocolate instead of that powdered hot cocoa mix, or investing in some high-quality tea. If you don’t have a tea shop nearby, there are many places to order fresh, quality teas online.

Coffee lovers have a whole world of things to explore, such as roasting their own beans, finding a new way to brew coffee or tea, or just learning the difference between a dark and a medium roast. 


Add a New Flavor

Another great way to give your favorite drink a facelift is to try a new flavor. It can be something simple, like adding cinnamon or a bit of instant espresso to your hot cocoa. But also consider orange zest, peanut butter, or even a dash of hot sauce to make a whole new hot cocoa experience.

For coffee lovers, sweet additions like chocolate and caramel always make the morning brew feel a little more indulgent. But you may never have considered maple syrup as a richer sweetener, or coconut oil instead of creamer to give your coffee a tropical flavor and a healthy boost! 

There are as many ways to dress up tea as can be imagined. From adding citrus zest or dried fruit, to experimenting with herbs, spices, and peppers, a basic black tea can become a brand new drink each time you make it. If you’ve never tried a true chai tea (none of that overly-sweet latte from your nearest coffee shop), then adding some ginger, cinnamon, and star anise to your tea is a great place to start.


Make Sure It Stays Warm

Nothing is worse than a drink that gets cold before you can finish it. Whether you tend to get distracted by your work, or you’re fond of giant mugs that cool off fast, it’s frustrating to remake your coffee or tea over and over to get a full cup. Instead, consider treating yourself this autumn to something that can keep your drink warmer, longer. An insulated mug is a great idea, but if you like to take your drink on the go, consider a Stanley Adventure Bottle. These classic thermos bottles are perfect for carrying your hot cocoa or tea with you to work, or on a chilly morning walk.

If you need to keep a mug warm while you’re working in your office, you’re in luck. Mustard makes a USB cup warmer that simply plugs into a computer, and provides a heated pad to keep a mug warm. Try the Donut Cup Warmer  if you’re a fan of the cute and quirky, or the Green Hot Disk Cup Warmer to celebrate your geeky side.


The Coziest Autumn Yet

Of course, no autumn would be complete without treating yourself to a brand new go-to mug. By upgrading your ingredients, trying out some new flavors, and making this the season when you finally banish cold tea or coffee for good, you can enjoy a whole new definition of cozy.

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