Maine Coast socks

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Think these images are from a tropical paradise? Nope. They're from our very own United States - the coast of Maine. The Atlantic can be a harsh mistress, with storms galore and destructive waves, but it can also be gentle and nurturing. We have captured the Atlantic in one of her better moods with the images on these socks, which are also gentle and nurturing. Slip your feet into the comfortable cotton, spandex and nylon blend and listen to your toes say "Thank you." The images are fade-free, so you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of the Maine Coast in a good mood for a long time to come.

These socks are unisex, but the sizing corresponds to men's sizes. Women's sizing is below.

Men-to-women shoe size conversion = M (8-10), L (10-14), XL (14-17)